Seminar: Evolving Church in a Secular Age



 Thirty-eight people gathered for the seminar at University UMC on Saturday, April 29th

Lead Question: How can communities stay rooted in their spiritual heritage
while engaging a new, changing secular generation?

Presenter: Rev. Tim Burnette
Discussion Panelists:
Ethan Bertrand, Alexis Reichman, Caisha Wafful, Rev. Richardson, Rev. Burnette
Hosting Pastors:
Rev. Cindy Huskey, Rev. Alan Strout, Rev. Frank Schaefer.
Organized by:
the Santa Barbara United Methodist Churches (First UMC, St. Mark UMC, University UMC)


Full-length seminar presentations & discussion panel:

Greeting and Opening Prayer:

Rev. Alan Strout (First) & Rev. Frank Schaefer (University)

Presentation: “The Evolving Church”

Rev. Tim Burnette

Presentation: “The Wesleyan Heritage”

by Rev. Cindy Huskey (St. Mark UMC)


“Millennial Church” Discussion Panel

Ethan Bertrand, Alexis Reichman, Caisha
Wafful, Rev. Richardson, Rev. Burnette


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Presenter Bio:
Tim Burnette is a dreamer, minister, and theologian. He has spent 15 years in ministry reflecting on the evolving Christian faith, and is a doctoral candidate at Claremont School of Theology. His theological orientation is postured toward embracing a theopoetics, with a practical emphasis on communal formation and spirituality. He currently serves as Senior Pastor at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Santa Barbara and curates a small theopoetic community of shared practice and value called the “Way Collective.” He is a husband, father, writer, musician, and self-professed nerd. His interests include vinyl, food, philosophy, poetry, guitar tones, baseball, and all things on the fringe. He is an advocate for theological love and reconciliation across the spectrum of faith. He agrees with Vonnegut that you can see all kinds of things from the edge that you can’t see from the center. Although, sometimes it’s nice to be centered out on the edge!